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The History of the Edgemead Cricket Club

(Edited from a history written by Richard Marshall)

The birth of Edgemead Cricket Club took place during an informal after an Edgemead Residents Association Meeting. Shortly thereafter Neville Horton, Richard Marshall and Cyril Tessendorff approached the then General Manager of Garden Cities, and former President of Western Province Cricket Union (WPCU), Selwyn Myers, for advice on starting a cricket club in Edgemead, and the first meetining was held at Neville’s house on 25th September 1984.

The club was able to use the Edgemead Primary School’s facilities for practice and home matches, and the use of the school garage as a clubhouse where visiting teams were entertained after matches. They entered the Merchants League for the 1984/85 season under the name of Marcows (their main sponsor and liquor supplier), and the first game was played at the primary school on 6 October 1984 against Gold Medal, with team members Neville Horton (captain), Richard Marshall, Cyril Tessenhorff, Greg Walker, Andre Fernandes, Freddie House, Philip Mundell. Buckley Cruywagen, Eldon du Toit, Keith Sinclair and Ian Kriedeman.

Although initial applications for membership of WPCU were refused, affiliation was finally confirmed in May 1985. The club’s constitution was adopted, and three teams were entered in 1985/86 season league programme, which went off very well as the first team, captained by Trevor Keet, completed their league programme without defeat, while the second side gained promotion in their league.

In the meantime the committee had been negotiating with Garden Cities, Goodwood Municipality and WPCU for assistance with the development of cricket fields at the Edgemead Sports Grounds, and the laying out of the first field commenced in July 1985, the second being ready in early 1986.

Also in 1986, the official club colours of navy blue and red were adopted, and the badge, designed by Richard Marshall, was adopted in 1987.

The club grew rapidly and the sports hall was used as a clubhouse, but Garden Cities and Goodwood Municipality were approached to assist with funding of an own clubhouse. After six years at the helm, Neville stepped down as chairman and Cyril Tessenhorff was elected as the second chairman at the 6th AGM held in August 1990.

During the 1995/96 season saw the first team captained and coached by Lawrie Snyders, won the 2A league and were promoted to the 1st division, an amazing feat since they had started in the 3C league only eleven years before. The club was awarded the WPCU Umpires’ Sportsmanship Trophy for sportsmanship on and off the field. The Association praised the club for its excellent conduct and administrative record, being the only club without any adverse reports, and the club was again awarded this trophy the following year.

The 2002/03 season saw the birth of the youth section under the leadership of Neville Horton. Although too late to enter into a youth league, friendly games were organised, and the very first day/night match was played at Edgemead Sports Ground by a combined U11 and U12 team.

In 2003/04 the planning and fundraising drive for a clubhouse intensified. In addition to the interest-free R60 000 loan received earlier from Garden Cities, the municipality provided a R100 000 grant, thanks to the efforts of Ward Councillor James Vos. It was agreed that the clubhouse would be shared with the runners club, who were prepared to bear a portion of the cost. Plans were approved in October 2003, Cllr James Vos and chairman Peter Seal performed a sod-turning ceremony, and the official opening took place April 2004.

Because the growth of the youth section, the constitution was amended in 2004 to include two vice chairman, one for senior and one for junior, and Lawrie Snyders and Neville Horton respectively were elected to these positions.

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